Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tutorial: Globe REWARDS BUG Internet

10points mo makakaredeem minsan 1.4gb, 2.1gb, 2.8gb,3.5gb, 4.2gb. laki ng difference kung magreredeem ka ng normal na kada redeem mo 10points = 700mb.

note: dapat 10points lang balance ng sim. pagkatapos mo magbug ikaw na bahala kung magpasa ka ulit ng points para makapag bug ulit. pagkatapos. pasahan mo ulit ng 20points naman para makapag gosurf99 ka para valid na for 1month.

  • Download mo sa playstore " TEXT BLAST "
  • 5pm-7pm sure time na nakaka bug.
  • open TEXT BLAST mag set ka muna ng spam ng BAL.
  • enter mobile number : 4438
  • enter number of text : 20
  • enter message : BAL
  • pagkatapos sundan mo agad ulit ng spam ng redeem agad agad.
  • enter mobile number : 4438
  • enter number of text : 50
  • enter message : REDEEM GOSURF50
Screenshots on successful bugging:

Friday, November 4, 2016

Fix Globe B593s-931 Nov. Brick Firmware 169 IP

This fix is for 931 November firmware only, not for s22 or 936. Because you already know there is no real method to unlock/openline 931 nov. firmware but you still do it anyway, as a result your modem got bricked. In order to fix that 169 ip just follow the tutorial below.


  1. Set static IP by going to network and sharing center>right click on local area connection>properties>TCP/ipv4 then set the IP like the picture below.
  2. Open your browser (Firefox/Chrome) then input to check if you can access the GUI. Don't log in yet.
  3. Open CMD the type TELNET press enter. Type lteat and press enter again.
  4. May lalabas na AT> kailangan mabura ung T at > paano by DELETE BUTTON so matitira si A nalang type mo AT^nvwr=52110,1,0 at ganito ang kalalabasan AAT^nvwr=52110,1,0 press ENTER. at close CMD.
  5. Para malaman pala ang ADMIN password go to cmd ule type TELNET tapos press ENTER, type lteat and press enter, lalabas ule si AT> Press si Delete Button ng paulet ulet hanggang matira si A and add mo sa kanya AT^WUPWD? at ito ang kalalabasan AAT^WUPWD? press ENTER, ung lalabas na code ang magiging PASSWORD mo sa LOGIN page ni B593s-931.
  6. Go to browser again and log in on using user: admin pass: generated pass from CMD
  7. After logging in go to home>update and choose the downloaded stock firmware wait for it to finish, set back your IP address to obtain automatically. Done!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

How to Avail Globe ABS Anti Bill Shock On GoSurf 999

It is very clear on Globe's policy that once you reach 1500 bill for GS99 to GS999 you are automatically covered by ABS policy, but why people are still complaining about getting disconnected due to unpaid balance, here's how it works.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

7 Days Internet For P47 Globe GoSakto Promo

This is by far the cheapest Globe internet promo for 1 week. For only P47.00 you'll get 1GB of data and 50 texts to Globe/TM. Just follow the registration sequence so that you will have no problem in registering to the promo. Compared to the 70 pesos 1 week promo this promo is the King of All 7 days promo.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Globe Unli Youtube For 1 Day P38.00 Only

If you are fond of watching YouTube all day then this promo is definitely for you! No need to worry about data capping because this trick will do the job.

  • Globe Prepaid SIM
  • P38.00 Load
  • 3G/4G Signal for faster buffering


Other benefits:
  • 1GB data allowance (can be use for FB, mobile games, and every other sites you can think of), using YouTube app or via browser will not consume your 1GB data
  • 20 texts to all networks, why not? It may come in handy sometimes.
Just take note that this promo is only valid for 1 day. It's a little expensive, but hey its unlimited not like registering for 250MB data to be stream only for few hours or less then gone. Enjoy!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Android Free Internet For Globe/TM

This free internet from is exclusively for Globe/TM prepaid subscribers and at the same time an Android user with SIM card capability. No trick for iOS users? Well, technically there is but you must be jailbroken and must install third party apps to put proxy on your network, not newbie friendly, so we'll skip with that.

Things we need:
  • Android phone or tablet with SIM slot
  • 0 load
  • PSiphon (For COC and other apps) - Optional
  • Globe or TM Prepaid SIM

Monday, June 29, 2015

GoSakto Globe Bug Promos Combos 2015


Option 1:txt with COC+free fb
  • Load: 85 pesos
  • Text: 1100 txt to all network
  • Validity: 30 days